The Wise Caterpillar

By Chahat Paruthi, first year Marketing and Management

“Wait for me!”
Shout out the caterpillar to the butterflies,
When they left, the poor caterpillar sighed!
He contemplated, ‘The world is full of lies’
None wished him luck,
Or bid goodbyes.
He knew that his parents were wrong
When they say, that,
“Everyone is unique in their own way.
Darling please be patient, don’t leave astray,
The best, yet to happen, is coming your way”.
He waited for an eternity to bloom,
And hoped to turn into a butterfly soon!

Oh! But NO…
His parents and friends,
Gave up on him, and left in the end,
Maybe a little too soon.
Now, he is all alone,
Still patiently waiting,
For a miracle to happen soon.
Doing just enough to survive,
In a world full of predators and murderers in disguise.
Yes! Murderers they were,
For they did not let him live,
Killed what little confidence he had in him.

“Maybe you are a late bloomer”.
The mother once said
“Why can’t I just die instead?”
“Hush little baby,
Don’t cry,
Believe in thy God,
He has a plan for all”.
These words kept him alive,
He saw the world live in the morning,
And die at night.
Now, he is fifty years old,
Still waiting for a miracle to happen
For his dad asked him to never lose hope.
Once a baby butterfly came to his house,
And he realised he is one hundred years old
She said, “Maybe this is a unique thing of yours,
You have seen enough to be the wisest of them all”.
And that’s when it hit him,
This was God’s true plan for him,
To let him be the ‘blue caterpillar’
And spread his wisdom forever.
Because if he would have been shelled up in a cocoon,
He would have been dead soon.
He would have metamorphed into a butterfly, and would have flown away.
Not remembering a thing about his life as a caterpillar,
And be the wisest man forever

I got the inspiration to write this poem when I watched Alice in Wonderland as an adult. This poem talks about the early life of the wise caterpillar from the movie. I wrote the poem whilst I gave a bit too much thought to the fact that the caterpillar never really turned into a butterfly, despite all the blasphemy he had to go through being the ‘different’ butterfly. This poem is for all those who feel they do not fit in right now – I want you to know that there is something greater coming your way.

Chahat Paruthi is first year marketing and management student, keen on becoming an entrepreneur or a dictator. She loves to write and eat, and you will always find her in her room watching Netflix, or singing at open mics, or laughing at improv shows. She loves to watch horror movies, and reads sci-fi a lot. She is currently working with the SSCC as the student co-chair and course rep. Along with this she, is the ERS rep and the SCA rep. If she had the opportunity, she would also choose to be the president of the world. If it was up to her, she would be a unicorn, live in the unicorn island on the moon, and star gaze!

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