Who We Are

John’s Chronicle is an online journal created as a natural extension of the incredible community of St John’s College, Durham. When you walk in the doors of our college you find you are welcomed by joyful people with a diversity of backgrounds and interests, can get lost in the historic Edwardian corridors and can get involved in anything you like, be it sports, music, theatre, academia and much more. When you click on the John’s Chronicle, you find the same: we offer you the chance to enter our college doors, whether you are a past, current or future student. We’ll bring together all things Johnian here on these pages – take a look!

Contact Us

Whether it’s a question about the Chronicle, John’s in general, or you’re looking to write for the blog, please send us an email at johns.chronicle@durham.ac.uk – we love hearing from you!

If you’re wanting to write for or have a query about a specific section, feel free to contact a member of our senior team directly. We’re always happy to answer your questions!

Our Senior Team