What is John’s, you ask?

By Emma Garrido-Altramirano

It has been a month since I left @stjohnsdurham .

What is John’s, you ask? Well, let me explain.

John’s is late-night conversations about the meaning of life in all its academic intricacies.
John’s is a college day centred around togetherness.
John’s is playing cards against humanity for hours and hours.
John’s is believing that Mogden is an actual wizard.
John’s is the Autumn colour outside St. Mary the Less.
John’s is proud.
John’s is more staircases than you would think possible.
John’s is ‘’glasses this way, yous that way’’.
John’s is stroking Millie until she decides she’s had enough.
John’s is eccentric conversations over tea and biscuits in @stjohns.mcr.durham .
John’s is chanting Take Me Home, Country Roads.
John’s is Linton lawn in Summer.
John’s is the jokes at the @johns.sjcr Christmas pantomime.
John’s is tea and Harry Potter with Jeanna.
John’s is the seemingly incessant clanging of bells at 8.30 AM.
John’s is highly competitive games of Articulate.
John’s is cheese and chatter in the Vasey rooms.
John’s is Welfare drop-ins every day of the week.
John’s is thinking you’re drunk because the walls aren’t straight and the floors aren’t level.
John’s is David Wilkinson’s smile.
John’s is the sunshine in Haughton dining room on a Winter’s morning.
John’s is dancing on the Bailey after matriculation.
John’s is knowing when to duck to avoid hitting your head on the bar ceiling.
John’s is free laundry.
John’s is overhearing intense conversations about niche aspects of theology.
John’s is an impromptu invite to Bailey Ball.
John’s is the way the staff take the time to help sort out your problems.
John’s is a springtime stroll along Principal’s Walk.
John’s is the spirit of victory on John’s-Chads day.
John’s is Millie’s emails.
John’s is not needing drinking games to have a great time at formal.
John’s is Olav III’s dance routines.
John’s is an afternoon spent on Library lawn after exams.
John’s is to fly high as an eagle, knowing there are people around to catch you if your wings give way.
John’s is a quirky old building brought to life by the way its staff and its students care for each other.

The doors are open, do come in.

#stjohnsdurham #durham


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