Moving on…

By Rosi Jelfs

John’s is incredible – we all know that. You only need to stand outside no. 3 on Freshers’ Sunday to feel the mutual support and love rush around our ‘character-full’ buildings. Everybody gets something different out of their time here, and as I get ready to leave (again!), I’ve been thinking about what John’s has given me 10 years on from my Freshers’ Sunday.

John’s was the first place I ever felt like I belonged – as a Brit who grew up abroad I’d never felt at home in the UK until I moved to the Bailey. I learnt it was ok to be a bit different, to not have it all figured out, to dream. Not ready to leave after my degree I decided to stay on for another year – which turned into two.

I spent some time wandering aimlessly after I finished my MA, not sure what I really wanted to do with my life. An opportunity to be a resident tutor came up at John’s and I was sold – why wouldn’t I want to come home?! The job is hard work but a privilege to do – and it gave me the luxury and time to try things and make mistakes, and then fall into a career as a librarian, which I love.

I still don’t have it all figured out, but as I pack boxes for moving day I think about how lucky I am to have stumbled on John’s, and that its community took me in and enabled to shape myself into who I am. We are all lucky – John’s is incredible.

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