Volunteering Initiatives at St John’s

The SJCR’s DUSVO Representative Catie Mohan discusses her experience of the volunteering initiatives she has taken part in since coming to St John’s and working with representatives from St Chad’s College.

Volunteering at St. John’s is a multi-faceted experience. Volunteers can meet people from other colleges, explore more of Durham, and give back to the larger community in which we live. Chad’s and John’s Volunteering’s primary goal is to prioritize effective help while also creating a fun and welcoming environment for those who participate in our events.

In conjunction with St. Chad’s college, we have been able to organize many meaningful volunteering events and projects. We have been so successful in our work together that we have been nominated for College of the Year in the upcoming Durham University Volunteering Awards!

Our first event this year was a great success. As a group, we headed over to Shincliffe Primary School to help with their Christmas fair. We managed winter-themed games, sold raffle tickets, and helped to run visits with Santa. We have been able to continue to maintain our relationship with Shincliffe. Currently, our volunteers participate in the school’s Eco club, where the students learn more about the environment through activities such as bird watching, building bug hotels, planting, and gardening.

We also hold volunteering events in both John’s and Chad’s colleges. In first term, we placed post boxes in college which allowed those in John’s to write Christmas cards to those in care homes. You may have been one of the many people who took a break from studying in the LRC to write a holiday card. For another project, we all gathered in Chad’s to make holiday crafts for local charities. No matter what your time commitments are, there is a way for everyone to participate.

We are currently in the process of organizing many more exciting opportunities. You can check out our volunteering platform page at this link: https://durhamunistudentvolunteering.teamkinetic.co.uk/volunteers/provider-profile/ChadstJohnsVolunteering and sign up to upcoming projects! One we are particularly looking forward to is the concerts that some of our volunteers will perform for residents of a local care home. If there is a volunteering project or opportunity that you have in mind, we would love to hear about it!

Making a difference in someone’s day does not take a lot; it can be something as small as heading over to the Haughton dining hall and writing a Christmas card. If you are interested in hearing about how you can give back to our local community, we hold several open activities throughout the year. Come along, bring a friend, and don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at chadsjohns.outreach@durham.ac.uk, or check out our Facebook & Instagram, (@chadjohnsvolunteering)!

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