Being an International Student at St John’s

As part of this years’ Global Week, Ming Xie reflects on her journey as an international student at Durham University and how being a member of St John’s College has played a part in that experience.

When I first came to Durham back in 2015, I was impressed by the stunning cathedral, the picturesque riverbank, and the ancient University. As I explored the city’s narrow, winding streets, and its cosy cafes and pubs, I also got to know the local customs and traditions, including the bi-annual Lumiere Festival and the Durham Miners’ Gala.

Despite the occasional homesickness and culture shock, I felt myself becoming more and more at home in Durham, especially at St John’s College. I gradually developed a deep appreciation for the city’s rich history, vibrant culture, and welcoming community.

As an international student, I also greatly enjoyed the opportunity to meet and study with fellow students and researchers from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Living and studying in this small city in the North East of England, I feel a sense of calm and peace, yet my ambition and confidence for my academic future has been elevated not only by the academic training I received but also by the cross-culture communication and experience I had in Durham.

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