We Met at John’s: Dan & Katherine

We continue our We Met at John’s series with Dan and Katherine, who have been together since meeting at the College in 2016.

We met on the way back from a house party in our first year at John’s way back in 2016 – which, unbelievably, is now six and a half years ago! As they say, the rest is history.

We chose Bistro Italiano as our Durham restaurant of choice for our first date. The food was lovely, but for some reason, we were sat at a table meant for a party of eight, so spent most of the evening gazing into each other’s ears. It took us about 2 months of dating before we realised we were born on the same day, which we took as a sign that something was destined to happen between us. Don’t worry though, we checked and neither of us was adopted!

We both joined the college’s Ultimate Frisbee club and spent many hours in the bitter rain running up and down the swamp-like pitches of Whinney Hill together. Katherine’s year abroad separated us for some time as she flew off to France & Austria. Luckily, we both ended up living in Cranmer in our fourth year so only had to travel about 13 seconds door to door to see each other.

Ironically, one of our favourite moments from our time at John’s was during Katherine’s year abroad. She had flown back to England so we could spend our 21st birthday together. This occasion was so momentous it was even voted the “best sponge moment” of January 2019 (https://www.sponge.co.uk/blog/2019/01/winning-sponge-moment-jan-2019) which is among the most prestigious awards in the online cake ordering domain.

Dan is originally from Suffolk, and Katherine is originally from Portsmouth, so we ended up meeting in the middle, and moved in together in South London about 18 months ago. We both work as Civil Servants in different departments; Dan is a data analyst and Katherine works in HR.

We’re still carrying on some of the hobbies we fostered during our time at John’s. Katherine is part of a local concert band and Dan acts with an amateur drama group – there’s definitely a lot more age variation than at John’s Music Society / Bailey Theatre Company! The lovely thing is that many of our friends from John’s now have graduate jobs in the city so we get to see them often!

That brings us to a small snippet of advice: use your time at Durham to meet as many of the amazing people around you as possible. There’s no better time in your life to find friends you can share your passions with and, as we’ve found, the friends you meet at John’s can definitely be friends for life (or at least for 3.5 years since graduating).

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