A Valentine’s visit from the St John’s Ghost!

A short report on the most recent activities of the infamous John’s Ghost!

All residents of St John’s college woke up on Valentine’s Day morning to find they had all been visited by the John’s ghost! The ghost is a notoriously secretive figure who often visits in the night on special occasions like Halloween and Christmas. Their identity very much remains a secret! 

Outside everyone’s door the John’s ghost had left a heart shaped chocolate and a named Valentine’s card. While all were grateful for the very tasty chocolate that was quickly devoured for breakfast, it may have acted as a blunt reminder of a single relationship status for some! Somehow, it seems unlikely that a romantic story between a student and the John’s ghost will end up featuring as part of the ‘We Met at John’s’ blog, but you never know – especially with that famous mythical statistic that 70% of Durham students meet their other half at Durham! All in all, it was a lovely reminder that, regardless of their relationship status, all John’s students really are loved. 

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