St John’s MasterChef Michaelmas 2022

Find out all about the latest edition of the St John’s MasterChef competition, which took place in Michaelmas term, from Postgraduate and International Tutor Miro Cafolla.

If you say good food, diversity and travelling around the world, you say St John’s College MasterChef! The event started virtually during the very first lockdown, and has now become one of the highlights of our community, celebrating the values of equality, diversity and inclusion that St John’s is famous for.  

The Michaelmas 2022 edition of MasterChef took place on Saturday 2 December 2022 with a number of undergraduate and postgraduate students turning up in Leech Hall at 7.30 pm on the dot, curious and keen to experiencing a wide spectrum of culinary creations ranging from truly Chinese cuisine, to Italy, as well as Spanish and Mexican inspired dishes. Students challenged each other with brilliant menus from all over the world, so brilliant that the judges had quite a hard time awarding the winning prize. The level of the competition was really high and all the participants were within one or two marks of each other. 

And the ex-aequo winners were… 

Sofia Jurado-Davies with her light, and refreshing tomato Mexican quesadillas and Liang Hou with her traditional Chinese Dongpo’s pork-based recipe.  

Liang told us a fascinating story behind her tasteful dish: “Dongpo Su (1037-1101) was a famous Chinese polymath during the Song dynasty: calligrapher, gastronomer, pharmacologist, poet, politician, and even travel writer. Dongpo Su improved an old recipe for pork and shared the food with local people. He loved his own pork dish so much that he even wrote a poem on it!” 

We look forward to seeing you for another MasterChef event next term exploring and learning from different cultures in the most enjoyable way you can think of- sharing food together! 

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