Introducing the ‘Once a Johnian’ formals!

John’s student Annabel Jenkinson introduces our new series of ‘Once a Johnian’ themed formals, reflecting upon her experience of the first of these, focusing on Health, Wellbeing and Social Care.

Formals are an important feature of life here at John’s. Not only are they a great excuse to get dressed up and have a nice meal with your friends, but they also play a significant role in creating the inclusive, welcoming community we have not just in college, but with our alumni as well. At every formal, one can expect to meet other Johnians from across different years and subjects, living both in and out of college.

Thursday 20th of October marked the first of our ‘Once a Johnian’ formals, with the theme of Health, Wellbeing and Social Care. Each centred around a different profession and/or industry, these formals give current students the opportunity to network with alumni and friends of John’s. This formal was a little different from usual; we didn’t wear gowns on this occasion, with this and a delicious buffet giving the proceedings a more informal atmosphere. At first, the mixed seating plan seemed a little intimidating, as I was not seated with the friends I came with. However, not long after I had sat down, I found myself feeling at home as I mingled with my fellow Johnians. When it came to dessert, we all moved seats to speak to new people. Throughout the formal, we learned about the careers and experiences of alumni and other guests, and reminisced about our days at John’s.

I thoroughly enjoyed the Health, Wellbeing, and Social Care formal. It was so interesting to hear from people who had been in the field for many years and had extensive experience in many different areas. I especially enjoyed being sat opposite Richard Roberts and hearing about some of the tricky situations he had to navigate during his career in will execution. It was also really great to connect with alumni I had never met before that were still really passionate about St John’s.

Jemima Miller, 4th Year Undergraduate, St John’s College

After my experience at this ‘Once a Johnian’ formal, I am definitely looking forward to attending more in the future, to meet a range people from across the John’s community. Here is a list of future formals in this series:

  • Thursday 17 November – Science, Tech and Innovation
  • Thursday 12 January – Languages, Literature and Communications
  • Thursday 26 January – Business, Finance and Entrepeneurship
  • Thursday 2 February – Arts, Music and Culture
  • Wednesday 8 February – Spirituality, Theology and Religion
  • Thursday 9 March – Law
  • Thursday 27 April – Government, Civil Service and International Affairs

See you there!

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