Mission Bounceback in Michaelmas Term!

Written by Annabel Jenkinson

After a difficult previous academic year with hardly a whisper of “Country Roads,” last term was a huge success for John’s from a lively freshers’ week to a carol service at the end of term. For me, despite living out of John’s this year, with less COVID around, I find myself back in John’s more than ever and the community seems even more vibrant than before.

Alumna Catherine Perkins spoke to me about John’s community being stronger than ever whilst reflecting on her leavers’ formal which became pizza in the gardens due to the pandemic.

“It was an odd experience of households isolated on outside tables, but it was almost like you couldn’t tell, the atmosphere was high and both Molly (Student President) and David delivered extremely moving speeches about the resilience of our generation of Johnians. I completely agree with them that there is something about what we went through that somehow made us stronger in the time we were in Durham and will continue to make us a tightly-bonded cohort in the years to come.”

Catherine Perkins, Alumni

This term there have been many successful events in college for current and former Johnians.

Bailey Ball

Bailey Ball is a highlight in the calendar for all Johnians. I love getting dressed up and having a nice evening with my friends and I am pleased to say that after a ball-less year, the much-anticipated Bailey Ball did not disappoint with the college beautifully decorated in a Moulin Rouge theme. There was a fabulous dinner, prepared by the wonderful kitchen staff, followed by entertainment from a crepe van to a photo booth to music from Kinky Jeff and the Swingers, and a silent disco. As you can see many people made it to the survivors’ photo and 5am pizza!


John’s had an incredible term for sport this term not only with the victory at John’s-Chad’s day, but the evening floodlit matches were very popular with many Johnians trekking to Maiden Castle to support their college. These events were a real show of community spirit and often turned into fantastic social occasions full of college cheer despite the often cold weather. Many layers of John’s stash were needed! John’s had a spectacular end to the term with a 5-4 win against Aidan’s in floodlit football.

“it would be impossible to have a man of the match.”

Theo Tobias, John’s men’s football captain


There were two highlights this term for JMS, the carol service, and a concert. At the carol service the Cathedral was filled with current and former Johnians and Durham students and was followed by mince pies back at John’s. The JMS choir performed alongside the brass band, chapel choir and Cranmer choir. It was lovely to see so many students being able to sing, worship and then socialise together. Likewise, the concert in Leech Hall was buzzing with many different JMS ensembles performing to help DUCK raise money for the homeless.

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