John’s Pub Quiz

By Clodomiro Cafolla, Postgraduate Tutor

On Monday 11 November, John’s Bar very proudly hosted an industrially sponsored pub quiz for the postgraduate students and early career researchers of the STEM departments, here in Durham. The event was generously supported by the Durham Physics Department, the Durham Centre for Soft Matter (DSCM), the North East Polymer Association and ThorLabs LTD.

The pub quiz at John’s was organised by myself with the invaluable help of the Bar Team -huge thank you to Eve, Theo and Harry! More than 30 people, including current students, young researchers and faculty members, attended the event. Questions ranged from science to politics and music- why don’t you try and answer a few of them.

Participants enjoyed the warm hospitality of the College. The pub quiz helped students and researchers strengthen their relationships, meet new people and establish working connections with colleagues from other departments.

The event was a fantastic opportunity to foster the relationships between the College and the University, and to attract current and prospective STEM students. The pub quiz has been also a unique way to promote the College among local and international companies and show what we are best at: creating an inclusive and friendly environment where every individual can express their own personality.

A huge thank you goes to Buki Dada, Customer Operations and Marketing Manager at THORLABS LTD, and to Professors Mark Miller, Richard Thompson, and Kislon Voïtchovsky for their support.

A sneak peak of the pub quiz

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