A Fond Farewell

By Sue Hobson

Outgoing Domestic and Conference Manager

When Brian and I moved here from Manchester in 1989, I never imagined that I would spend the next 32 years walking up and down the Bailey to work!

I started off as Catering Manager at the Undercroft Restaurant in the Cathedral. Then I moved on to Hatfield College…then St Chad’s College…and then St John’s. Something must have clicked because I stayed here for 23 years! My previous positions were as a contractor but at St John’s I was a proper staff member of the College and I really loved my job.

I have so many memories of my time here!

  • I’ve had the privilege of meeting and getting to know some amazing students and I’m delighted to stay that I’m still in touch with many of them
  • I’ve met some really interesting Conference Organisers and Bed & Breakfast guests, many of whom have returned to College year after year
  • I’ve worked with some wonderful staff who have helped me immensely along the way and I have appreciated the great kindness and generosity shown to me. I was totally overwhelmed last week – thank you all so, so much for the lovely presents and cards!

I have so many people to thank…but I know time is limited just now. I would however, like to mention a few special people:

CAROLINE AND LIZ – Thank you for always being there for me! Your lovely chatty messages were a joy during the furlough months and my sick leave earlier this year. I look forward to keeping in touch!

KAY AND KELLY – Thank you for your infinite patience in answering my finance and wages queries over the years! You always made time for me.

ALISON – My Conference Partner and Best Buddy! No-one else could know or understand the trials and tribulations we’ve had each vacation, hosting conferences and events! The hours we have spent agonising over the best way to operate conferences whilst Maintenance undertook major College refurbishments! Thank you so much – you’ve been the best partner and I know we’ll remain best friends too.

LYNNE – Wow…we have worked so closely (even sharing the same office) for the last 20-odd years! You have been a huge support and I cherish our friendship. We’ve laughed together, cried together, been frustrated and delighted together. Thank you so much for your loyalty. I wish you every success in taking the Housekeeping Department forward and I know we’ll remain close friends. Good luck!

My HOUSEKEEPING LADIES – We’ve shared such a lot and I have appreciated all you have done for me. No matter what has been asked of you, you have tackled it and kept the College clean and tidy. After all these years, I am still astonished at the way you turn the student bedrooms round at the end of the academic year. You are WONDER WOMEN – thank you!

And finally, a huge thank you to BRIAN who has been a constant support through all the ups and downs of the last 23 years here. I couldn’t have done it without you!

I hope this term goes well and wish you all success for the future. I’ll miss everyone…


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