Chronicling Covid – art

Over the spring of 2021, as the weather was getting warmer and the nation gradually advanced along the roadmap out of lockdown, St John’s students were invited to share their experiences of College and University life under covid. This competition, aptly named ‘Chronicling Covid’, gathered records of student life during an extraordinary time in the history of St John’s College, and indeed the world.  

The following pieces of artwork were entered into the ‘Art’ category of the Chronicling Covid competition. 

The Near Distance

The Near Distance by Iona Anderson 

Digital media on graphics tablet 

“This piece is based off a photo taken back in October, just after term had started. We had to adapt to the circumstances which lead to this unusual conversation taking place between two households outside Haughton. I chose to use digital media to depict this scene to reflect how our lives have mostly moved online over the course of the pandemic.” 

Waiting for the Sun

Waiting for the Sun by Naomi Wimsett 

Pencil sketch with ink calligraphy 

“I am not very good at stopping to take time off but one day I dedicated a day completely off to relax and be creative. Covid has been hard for all of us for many reasons but one we all share is the feeling of the unknown- not knowing if we will be affected, how and when will this all be over. For me, this also came with the added uncertainty of how the job market will look once I graduate at the end of this academic year. As a way of relaxing though, I did this sketch of a hand writing the Arabic word ‘Maktub’ which means ‘it is written’ (a reference to destiny) which was a helpful reminder to myself to keep being hopeful and patient about the future despite all the uncertainties. “

Above, left to right:

My fiancé I haven’t seen in 6 months by Katie Ross 

Oil on canvas 

Waiting for the Sun by Katherine Watson 

Acrylic on paper 

“Over lockdown, the closest I could get to the College where my University experience has centred was walking past the front door. However, the vibrant colours and encroaching warmth represent that it has remained a home away from home that I look forward to returning once the ‘darkness’ lifts.”

Amidst the pandemic, helping hands are all around us by Liv Kemp 

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