Freshers’: Packing Essentials

By Caragh Aylett, SJCR President

1)  Things to make your room feel homely!

It’s so nice when your college room becomes your home away from home and it’s useful to have a few things to help with that – bring along some photos of your friends and family or a poster to stick up on the wall, you could also bring a teddy (we’re not judging!) to help you settle on or even just buying a couple of plants could help.

2)  Cooking Essentials

 While one of the great things about John’s is being fully catered, it can be useful to have a few  things for making a midnight snack. A pan, a couple of plates and some cutlery is usually enough, and don’t forget some mugs for all those revision coffees.

3) Medicines

I know that getting ill isn’t what you really want to be thinking about right now but freshers’ week is often very busy and mixing with lots of new people often leads to the well-known ‘freshers’ flu’! It’s useful to have some paracetamol, lemsips and vitamin C tablets handy for when it hits.

4) Room Additions

Depending on how many clothes you’re planning on bringing, it’s really useful to bring some coat hangers as your room won’t have many. You might also want to bring a extension lead in case you don’t have as many plug sockets as you need. It’s also useful to bring a door stop to prop your door open – helpful for making friends in the first few weeks.

5) Stationary

Pretty soon you’re going to remember that you actually came here to study! It’s helpful to have a planner to seep track of your deadlines, paper (or your laptop) for lecture note-taking, folders to organise your modules and plenty of pens and highlighters!

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