A pre-show interview with SJCCFS team 2018

SJCCFS stands for St John’s College Charity Fashion Show

By Reeya Gadhvana

In anticipation of the upcoming charity fashion show here’s a short interview to get to know our SJCCFS Committee and their thoughts on the event.

First question: Tell us a bit about yourselves and your role on the committee.

Billy (Producer):

The role entails a bit of everything, line management, making sure that the right timetables are laid out so that we know what we’re all doing by certain dates, looking for venues, organising casting, and generally just making sure everyone knows what their role is in the team.

Emily (Creative Director):

I basically run the whole creative side of things, like the theme, the ‘decs’ and making sure everything looks pretty and works together.

Beth (Creative Chair):

I’m Creative Chair, which basically makes me Emily’s right-hand girl, just sorting out model shoots, the walks and the overall theme and decorations.

Holly (Clothing and Branding team):

Making sure we have clothes to actually wear! and presenting clothes in the ways the designers want.

Chris (Treasurer):

Pretty self-explanatory, it just means making sure we stay within budget and that the money is managed well and also just contributing with the other goings on with the organisation.

How do you think the auditions went?


I was happy with the turnout, quality was there, there was the right balance of people taking it seriously and that enjoyed it and people who want to get involved in something new


There was a range of different year groups


There were a couple of surprises!


I think it just shows that last year was a success and people are taking it seriously this year.

What is one thing you looked for in the auditions or something that stood out consistently?


I think confidence is something we were really keen on, because if you can’t be confident in a room full of five people you’re really going to struggle in a room full of 200. So just confidence and people who looked like they enjoyed themselves as well.


The emphasis came through on teamwork. It’s important that we choose people that we know would work together in the coming months


I just wanted people that would really throw themselves into it and have a laugh at the same time.

Is there anything that you are slightly apprehensive about?


I think it’s the usual kind of pre-show nerves with this kind of thing, we can’t really build contingency for everything, there’s always something that’s going to go wrong so I think mainly I am nervous about the things that we haven’t even thought about going wrong.


Because it’s for charity we have to work out factors that, if the fashion show was not for charity, we’d be concerned about. For example, selling tickets. So, it’s always about choosing people that were good in the audition and came through and about choosing people that we know would bring the crowd regardless of how good they are. So, there’s a balance there between choosing the people.


Obviously last year they upped it so much and took it to another level and this year we are excited to take it to the next stage so there are all the nerves about whether we will be as good as last year.

What are you most excited about?


Probably the moment it comes together. Last year it was my favourite point when all the models had gone to get ready and it was literally just us in an empty room looking at all the decorations we had just spent so long trying to get together [Beth was on the committee last year also].


Seeing the guests walk in for the first time and the brands was so cool.


Taking the first look at the clothing was very exciting.


Last year being a part of the audience, the whole thing was exciting then. I don’t know if this year being a part of the committee I will be more nervous to put on the show but the whole thing I am looking forward to.


I’m looking forward to that first walk, just when everything has fallen into place and kind of almost as if it is out of our hands now. It’s the certain point in the show where all the preparations are done just hearing everyone cheering when the first models walk on the stage will be pretty cool.

Finally, is there anything else you want your audience to know before the event?


I think it’s important to remember that the event is for charity. The charities this year are Macmillan Cancer Support and Heel and Toe Children’s Charity, so the right blend of very local and a broader impact there.


Also, get involved and make the most of it!


They’re also charities we’ve had a relationship with for a few years from Johns so that’s also a plus.

SJCCFS takes place Thursday 7th June 2018. 

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