Meet Akash

Meet our new Global Citizenship Fellow, Akash Tiwari from India

Hello St John’s,

I’m Akash Tiwari, a 20 year-old pre-final year undergraduate student from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur, India. I’m studying towards the completion of my Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Sketching, writing, designing, fitness and other physical activities like indoor rock climbing and swimming are activities that I like to indulge myself in during my spare time.

Just like Durham has three terms per academic year (Michaelmas, Epiphany and Easter), in India we have two terms – Autumn and Spring. Before the start of autumn semester of my final year in July, I will be involved in a summer project with Professor Fernandez of the Durham University Business School. That’s why I’m here at St John’s during May and June.

I am involved in two distinct projects with the Business School. The first one pertains to the field of operations research and is fairly academic, which analyses the self-publishing platforms. The second project is more practical and involves the calculation of the economic impact that the presence of UNESCO in the UK has.

This is my first visit abroad, and having done enough research on my part to limit culture shocks, I’m still expecting surprises from the country.

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