Life at the Sharp End

by John Blackbourn, Porter

Most of you will know me as one of the familiar faces in Reception.  I have to say that having been here for nearly seven years the place continues to be a lovely place to work.  Each day is different and brings with it the cut and thrust of working in a ‘pressure cooker’ environment.  I am sure that sometimes you think to yourself ‘what do those blokes do all day in that office’.  Well, you would be surprised at the various tasks that we perform, from being nice and helpful to students to being not so nice to the Amazon man who delivers a large amount of parcels to be sorted for the usual suspects.  Arghhhhhhhhhhh the curse of on-line shopping!  From helping out when you have locked yourself out of your room (again!), to making sure the bar delivery gets to the right place when it arrives at the most inconvenient time.  You see we are on the go all of the time. So next time you come to Reception and find one of us sitting at the computer seemingly lost in the contents of the screen it will be because we have just finished doing one of those many tasks and are getting a well-earned breather.

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